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What is Moon Rock Weed & What Are Moon Rocks?

Here’s Why We’re Obsessed with Moon Rock Weed

If you are into the finer things in life, you need to try moon rock weed from our online dispensary. This “champagne” of cannabis is a must-have for everyone searching for a unique and mind-blowing experience that will transport you right into space.

However, what are moon rocks and how are they consumed? More experienced stoners looking to buy weed online in Canada and who want to experiment with some of the finest cannabis products out there will fall in love with weed moon rocks.

That said, it is not easy to find a reliable online dispensary in Canada offering moon rock weed. The good news is that a BC online dispensary such as Low Price Bud will have everything you need, including the highest-grade moon rocks.

Whether you are new to moon rocks, or you want to expand your knowledge on these fantastic psychedelic nuggets, you landed on the right article. So, what is moon rock weed and where can you buy weed online and save cash? Keep scrolling for the answers.

What are Moon Rocks?

Potent moon rock weed at Low Price Bud dispensary for BC cannabis and weed online Canada. Buy weed. budget buds and cheapweed.

Are you wondering “what are moon rocks?”. You are not alone. Although these products are readily available in most better-equipped online dispensaries, many people do not know what they are and how to use them.

Weed moon rocks are marijuana “rocks” created from an array of cannabis products carefully rolled into a giant nug. Some say that weed moon rocks came to be thanks to the collaboration between the Starbudz760 dispensary and West Coast rapper Kurupt

Eventually, Kurupt trademarked his own moon rocks brand, “Kurupt Moonrock”, making the product insanely popular among cannabis connoisseurs.

One of the reasons why the popularity of weed moon rocks skyrocketed is due to the insane THC amounts these nugs contain. If you are looking to dive deep into the psychedelic world, you won’t want to miss out on moon rocks.

But, how come they are so potent? In essence, moonrocks are premium cannabis buds manufacturers dip in hash oil and roll in kief. Even though any moon rocks weed strain can be used to make these mind-blowing buds, originally, GSC or the famous Girl Scout Cookies are preferred.

Now that you know the answer to “what are moon rocks”, you may be wondering why they are named “moon rocks” to begin with. Obviously, moon rocks are weeds that resemble authentic moon rocks from space. 

Most importantly, stoners claim that they will give you a unique “interstellar” experience, carrying you into the deepest dimensions of outer space.

The good news is that you can find good-quality moon rocks and weed in a reliable weed store like Low Price Bud dispensary. Whenever you buy weed online (especially high THC moonrocks weed), you want to be extra careful. 

Often, you may run into a dodgy online dispensary offering unregulated and potentially dangerous products. Low Price Bud, the best online dispensary in Canada prides itself on transparency and excellent customer service

How Do You Make Moon Rock Weed?

Cannabis oil and weed buds. Buy moon rock weed online in Canada. Online dispensary Canada. mail order marijuana.

By now you know that moonrocks are weed nugs carefully sprayed or dipped with concentrate or hash oil. Even though you can make them with any good quality moon rocks weed strain, the tradition calls for Girl Scout Cookies. 

If you are searching for an alternative to GSC, choose another strain with similar qualities. You could always go for a high-THC strain to further elevate your psychedelic experience. 

However, our dispensary only recommends this approach to cannabis experts and people with a high tolerance for THC. Otherwise, go for a low potency strain such as Mango Kush AA (an Indica hybrid with THC levels around 16 percent). 

By choosing a milder strain, you will decrease the THC content slightly and make the product more suitable for beginners.

After thoroughly coating the nugget, manufacturers roll it in kief. If you are unfamiliar with the term “kief”, it refers to the sticky crystals that cover the cannabis flower. Kief is popular because it is ultra-rich in beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids.

How Potent is Moon Rock Weed?

THC potency for moon rocks from Low Price Bud dispensary for cheapweed and budget buds. Online dispensary Canada for mail order marijuana.

Customers looking for quality moon rocks weed for sale should always consider the potency of the product. If not careful, you can run into low-quality products sold at an incredibly high price. Whenever in doubt, consult the online dispensary and ask plenty of questions.

The reality is that moonrock weed is very strong, but the strength of the product will vary from one batch to the next. 

If you are searching for “tried and tested” moonrocks, take a look at Low Price Bud’s impressive collection. This online dispensary in Canada guarantees only the highest-grade and safe moonrock weed.

Even though the exact THC percentages remain a mystery, Leafly claims that most moonrock weed will give you around 50 percent of the psychoactive compound. Again, since most flowers range from 15 to 20 percent THC, the precise percentage is unknown. 

Expert stoners and people with good tolerance levels to the psychoactive compound may want to stick to high potency moonrocks and weeds. As for cannabis beginners, we recommend checking for less potent strains for a milder experience.

The Best Moon Rock Weed To Buy Online (Top 3 Picks)

Finding the best dispensary for the best moon rocks weed for sale can be tough. That is why we have done the hard work for you. 

Below, you will find the top three best products to check out in 2022. You can find all of these moon rock weed products at Low Price Bud dispensary.

1. Moonlander – Capsules

Moonlander Capsules. Moon Rock Weed. Online dispensary. Mail order marijuana budget buds and chapweed.

Stoners who are ready for an exciting journey in outer space should take a look at these Moonlander – Capsules

This unique product features a proprietary blend of ginseng, ginkgo, crushed mushrooms, CBD, maca, 5-HTP, and L-theanine for an unforgettable experience (whether alone or with friends!). 

Not only do customers love this product due to its outstanding psychedelic effects, but the convenient packaging is a bonus. 

In each capsule, you get:

  • 300mg of crushed mushrooms and 25mg of CBD. This combination is extremely rare. You will likely only find it here. 25mg of 5-HTP for increased serotonin levels to put you in a happy mood.
  • 20mg of ginkgo to improve brain function and decrease anxiety.
  • 20mg of maca to boost male and female sex drive.
  • 45mg of ginseng to increase energy and make you feel alive.
  • 20mg of l-theanine to boost focus and productivity levels.

The moon rock weed price is $25.00 at Low Price Bud.

2. To The Moon – Moon Rocks 1g

To The Moon Moon Rocks cheapweed budget buds. ontario marijuana. edibles canada. pot shop to buy weed online. Dispencary.

Put on your astronaut gear and get ready for space. 

Hands down, the most popular product you can get are these To The Moon – Moon Rocks 1g, consisting of the highest-grade cannabis flowers. They are dipped in 99.99 percent delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol distillate and coated in premium, flavourful kief. 

If you are looking for versatility, you are in for a treat. Choose between ten mouth-watering flavours, including Blood Orange, Banana, Grape, Blueberry, Green Apple, Sour Mango, Watermelon, Strawberry, Peach, and Pineapple.

Besides experiencing mind-altering ecstasy, these products are beneficial for medical patients looking to stimulate appetite, reduce nausea, and alleviate pain. Due to the .15 percent CBD rating, these moon rocks are also suitable for anxiety.

Get the To The Moon Moon Rocks from our dispensary for only $30.00.

3. Sesh Moon Rock Joints (Indica / Sativa)

moon rock preroll joints from low price bud cheapweed dispensary.

You can never go wrong with the classics, so try these Sesh Moon Rock Joints (Indica/Sativa). 

They are made with top-grade AAAA flower and the best distillate you can get. You can also pick and choose your desired strain, whether it is Sativa or Indica. Depending on the strain, you can expect different effects. 

For example, consumers looking to boost energy levels and achieve a “head high” should consider Sativa, while people who want to relax and “melt” into the couch are better off with Indica. 

This product is perfect for beginners, because the moon rocks are pre-rolled, making them ultra-convenient. If you are always on the go, you will enjoy the practicality as well.

The moon rock weed price is very affordable too. You can get these moonrocks from our dispensary for just $20.00. Besides that, you can select product add-ons such as a mixed shake (AAA) for an additional $15.00 or a Boveda pack 8g for another $3.00.

How Do You Use Moon Rocks Weed?

You can use moon rocks weed the same way you would use nugs. For instance, consider smoking moon rock weed, break them into pipes, and bowls, roll them in joints or vape them. 

Pick your favourite consumption method and enjoy. However, keeping them lit can be challenging. Since they are greasy and dense, you may want to use glassware such as a bong or a pipe.

How To Smoke Moon Rock Weed?

Learning how to smoke moon rock weed is easy. Your first step is choosing the smoking method. As mentioned, we recommend choosing glassware like bongs and pipes. You can also try throwing moon roks on top of a flower. 

That said, be careful with the amounts, as you may risk becoming “too high”. Also, you can always sprinkle moon rock nugs on top of a bud. Finally, roll them into a blunt or joint and relax.

Where to Buy Moon Rocks and Weed?

A well-equipped online dispensary in Canada will have everything you are looking for and more. Are you wondering where to buy moon rocks and weed? Wonder no more.

If you are on the hunt for the best moon rock weed, check out Low Price Bud’s collection. You will find a variety of dry herbs, CBD products, concentrates, and much more. Buy weed online safely and save money now.

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