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Benefits of cannabis vaporizer

What are the Benefits of Using a Vaporizer for Cannabis?

Vaping is one of the fastest-growing methods of consuming cannabis. It has taken hold of younger generations but is likewise a popular option for older cannabis users too due to the numerous benefits.

Vapes or “dabs” use concentrates in specialized devices. The most common devices are vaporizer pens in Canada. These are powerful little packages. Vaping doesn’t benefit just those people looking to reach higher highs (although it does that too)—there are various benefits.

Wait, There Are Health Benefits?

Are there really health benefits to vaping? The answer to this question is: maybe. Vaping is thought to be safer for your lungs than smoking.

Let’s be clear: Science suggests that both vaping and smoking negatively impact the lungs. However, since vaping is a relatively new phenomenon and has only recently been studied, there is less conclusive evidence. Researchers simply know more about the long-term effects of smoking than vaping.

The short-term effects that have been studied suggest that vaping could be better. However, this may only be marginally better than smoking. If you are looking for a healthier means to consume cannabis, then try edibles.

Vaping Tastes Good

Concentrates that retain terpenes taste good. Terpenes are the chemical compound responsible for the flavor profiles in cannabis.

Vaping preserves terpene profile through lower temperatures. This means that you get a stronger flavor than if you were to smoke the same product. That is, if the product can be smoked instead of vaped. Remember, some concentrates are made for vaping only.

Poor-tasting weed can be off-putting. Vaping concentrates solve this problem. Food-grade flavoring can also be vaped, so flavors can be masked or customised as well.

Vaping Means More Choice

If you know anything about cannabis concentrates, then you know there is a dizzying array of them on the market. Even if you look at just vaporizer pens in Canada, the assortment can be bewildering. Simply put, vaporizing cannabis leads to more choice in what to vape and how to vape.

Wax, budder, shatter, and crumble are the four most common types of concentrate used in vaping. Vape pens, e-rigs, non-pens, and desktops are some of the different devices.

It Just Hits Different

Concentrates are concentrated (go figure). This means they get to the heart of the matter without all the excess. The potency of concentrates is much higher than cannabis flower. This means you, the user, need less of it to have a stronger experience.

Potency is not the only key difference, though—you can also have better control of the dose and hit size. It is easier to measure a concentrate when you have a more accurate depiction of the potency. If you have to smoke bud, then you have an estimated potency of THC, for example, but the science is not as precise.

Where To Find Vaporizer Pens Canada

So, you’ve read this over and see there are clearly benefits to vaporizing over smoking. The good news is that online dispensaries all over Canada carry products and devices for vaping. The selection looks like it is due to continue growing as vaping increases in popularity.

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