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Want to buy weed smoking accessories? 4 points to consider

Want to buy weed smoking accessories? 4 points to consider

Consuming cannabis can be done in a variety of ways, from smoking to ingesting edibles. Whether you are a novice or expert cannabis consumer, smoking is a great way to consume cannabis, but finding the right smoking accessory can be tricky!

Buying cannabis accessories online can be favoured as the variety that’s available is much more comprehensive than it is in in-person dispensaries/shops.

Here are a few points to consider while shopping for smoking accessories.

1.  How Do You Consume Cannabis?

You can consume cannabis in many different ways. Do you prefer purchasing flower, concentrates, or edibles? If you like smoking flower, the accessories you can smoke with are extensive, from bongs and dab rigs to one-hitters.

Something to consider is how often you consume cannabis. If you are a novice smoker, one-hitters and small pipes may suit you better, as the amount of cannabis you smoke with these accessories tends to be less.

If you consume cannabis regularly, bongs and concentrates may suit better as the high is stronger and more intense.

2. Do you Need Help with Dosing?

Dosing can be tricky when smoking flowers and concentrates. Although flowers have a specific percentage of THC/CBD, each bowl/joint can affect you differently than it will your mother!

If you are looking for a low dose, edibles may be preferable, as you can find microdoses and specifically low levels in drinkables and edibles. One-hitters can also be suitable for small quantities, as they don’t carry as much flower as a bong or a pipe.

3. Does it Need to be Discreet?

Where are you looking to consume your cannabis? If you like to consume at home with no concerns of smell or smoke, bongs, joints, and blunts are perfect.

Vapes tend to produce less smoke and don’t smell strongly of cannabis, so this is a good alternative if you’d like a more discreet high (but be aware, vapes can be very concentrated and therefore potent!).

There are also odor eliminators commonly found on online weed shops that can remove the smoke and smell of marijuana, or buy incense sticks to reduce the scent indoors.

4. What is Your Price Point?

Budget plays a significant role in what products you buy. You can find smoking accessories for less than $10, but they may break quickly or not provide the best experience. On the other hand, you can buy smoking accessories that cost hundreds to thousands of dollars!

A way to save money is to purchase accessory boxes, including everything you need to smoke joints. These are cheaper than buying everything separately. Dab rigs, glass bongs, and vapes tend to be more expensive, whereas one-hitters, papers, and pipes are in the lower price range of smoking accessories.

A Final Note on Smoking Accessories

To conclude, buying your cannabis accessories online can be highly beneficial as there is a wide variety of products as well as quick delivery time, and you can do it from the comfort of your sofa!

Curating the ideal smoking experience can be as simple as finding the right lighter to having the perfect bong for your liking, and these can all be found easily on online weed stores.

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