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The Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Bong

There is a variety of ways to enjoy cannabis these days: joints, edibles, vapes, oils and more. Despite these easy and convenient ways to ingest cannabis, bongs are one of the most popular smoking devices for marijuana smokers. They come in all materials, shapes and sizes and can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced smoker, it’s important to know how bongs work. To make sure you get the best out of your bong, we’ve got you covered with information on different types of bongs and how to use them.

What are bongs?

Bongs, also known as bubblers or billy, are water pipes used to smoke marijuana.  The water in the bong cools and filters the smoke to produce a smooth hit.    

The key components of almost every bong include:

  • Tube, also known as the neck, is the cylinder part of the bong.
  • Base is the chamber that fills with water. There are three different types of base: straight, beaker and round base. The straight tube bong is a tall straight cylinder with the….. Beaker bongs have beaker-shaped bottom that is more stable on a tabletop compared to the straight tube bong. Round based bongs are usually heavier and have a larger base, so they are also less likely to be knocked off a table. They can hold more water than the other two types, providing a better filtration for a smoother hit.
  • Downstem is a long, open-ended glass tube the bridge between the bowl and water. As you sucks on the mouthpiece, the smoke is pulled through the downstem into the water.
  • Bowl is where you pack you weed after grinding them. Bowls come in three different sizes.

Benefits of using a bong

There are many benefits to using a bong.  Bongs provide a bigger hit than any other ways of smoking, offering a more intense and long-lasting smoking experience. When you are smoking in a bong, the water cools down the smoke and filters out some impurities, making it easier to inhale.

Bongs, especially glass bongs, are easy to clean, which makes them easier to use and maintain. Although you need to spend more money upfront, bongs will be a more cost-effective choice since bongs are durable and can last forever if you take a good care of them.


Although glass bongs are the most popular type, bongs are made of many different materials including plastic, ceramic, metal and bamboo.

  • Glass bongs don’t affect the flavour of the smoke and give you the best hits among all other materials. They are also easy to clean.
  • Plastic bongs are easier to carry around because they are lighter and more durable than glass bongs. Another advantage of plastic bongs is that they are usually cheaper than glass or ceramic bongs.
  • Ceramic bongs are great for special occasions or to display as they come in all sorts of designs.
  • Metal and bamboo bongs are also very durable and less expensive compared to other materials, however, these bongs can affect the taste of your smoke and are hard to clean.

How to smoke a bong?

  • Fill the bong with tap water up to just past the downstem. Do not overfill! You can add some ice to make the smoke extra cool.
  • Grind up your weed with a grinder and loosely pack the bowl. Make sure to not pack it too tightly. Grinding will allow for a more even burn.
  • Grab the stem and raise the mouthpiece to place your lips inside.
  • Using the other hand, hold the flame over the weed while simultaneously inhaling lightly.
  • Keep the weed burning until the chamber is filled with smoke. The chamber should be turning milky white with smoke.
  • When the desired amount of smoke is present, remove the downstem and inhale to clear the pipe.
  • Exhale the smoke immediately and enjoy the moment!

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