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LPB Shatter - Gucci Pink

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Named after the luxury designer brand, Gucci Pink lives up to its name with top-notch flavours and potent effects. Gucci Pink is indica dominant hybrid (60% Indica / 40% Sativa) with a high THC level of 22-24%. Gucci Pink is derived from 2 classic strains: Gucci OG and the infamous Pink Kush. This stunning flower has an incredible pungent gas aroma, delicious sweet blueberry notes.  Boutique cannabis created by cross-breeding two high-end parent strains Pink Kush and Gucci OG. Gucci Pink Strain buds display dense, rock-hard buds with lush green leaves and a super sticky glue-like texture. Its effects include strong relaxing effects perfect for a night in on the couch.


1g, 7g, 14g, 28g

11 reviews for LPB Shatter – Gucci Pink

  1. Noah Hughes (verified owner)

    Best shatter I’ve come across in a very long time. Smooth & delicious.

  2. Omar Valentine (verified owner)

    This shatter is pretty clean and at a reasonable price. What more can you ask for?

  3. Dave Rodrigue (verified owner)

    Tried this in a earlier batch near july. I loved this one. Great taste!

  4. Kevin McCole (verified owner)

    very clean smoke with a potent indica high 10/10

  5. Siqpimz (verified owner)

    tastsy easy to mold

  6. Allsion Bay

    this shatter was straight gucci <3__<3

  7. BudStuff (verified owner)

    GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG, how Im feeling after trying this shatter so heavy it nearly sent me to bed @[email protected]

  8. Layla Moore (verified owner)

    This concentrate gucci 100%

  9. Roud Layla (verified owner)

    Good choice for a night in for sure

  10. Jen23 (verified owner)

    This one hit me really hard. Highly recommend

  11. Dave Wang (verified owner)

    Netflix and chillin with this bud, got to binge watch on the witcher. My kind of chill

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Buy LPB Shatter – Gucci Pink online Canada
Buy LPB Shatter – Gucci Pink online Canada
Buy LPB Shatter – Gucci Pink online Canada
Buy LPB Shatter – Gucci Pink online Canada

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Buy LPB Shatter – Gucci Pink online Canada
Buy LPB Shatter – Gucci Pink online Canada
Buy LPB Shatter – Gucci Pink online Canada
Buy LPB Shatter – Gucci Pink online Canada

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