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Weyburn, Saskatchewan

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The dynamic city of Weyburn is located in the heart of Southeast Saskatchewan. This thriving prairie city offers so much to its visitors and tourists. Weyburn was named after a railway man, but one origin story said it came from an exploring Scot who exclaimed “Wee burn!” when he got across the Souris River.

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Along with the many attractions of the city, there is one more thing that might entice you to finally visit this enchanting place: medical marijuana. Smoking pot is legal in the city, so you can reap all the benefits of this powerful plant as you sit and relax in your comfortable Weyburn accommodation.

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Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Weyburn are the Pioneer Woman Sculpture, Tommy Douglas Statue and the Water Tower. There are also lots of parks, open spaces, facilities and arts and culture activities and displays in the city, proving that Weyburn does offer something for everyone.

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