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Right in the heart of the Fraser Valley is the city of Mission, about 70 kilometres east of Vancouver and a mere 15-minute drive to the United States border. The city is surrounded by stunning natural forest settings and mountainous vistas. Mission enjoys a warm climate during summer and wet in winter, with soil that is hospitable to a wide range of plant life and vegetation.

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At Mission, you can smoke some high quality weed from online dispensaries like Low Price Bud. Aside from helping you relax, this wonder plant also offer a host of health benefits. The following day, you can continue with your adventures as you go fishing on the Fraser River, Rolley Lake or Alouette Lake; plan a self-guided tour on any of the agri-tourism businesses in Mission; or try your luck at a local driving range or golf course in the Abbotsford, Maple Ridge and Mission area.

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One of the most well-known use of cannabis is to reduce anxiety and stress because the plant can create  a feeling of euphoria to its users. The effects of smoking marijuana are found to be more pronounced than medical oils and pills used in vaporizers. Medical marijuana is effective in relaxing the mind and releasing hormones that calm the patient.

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Check out and explore museums or head to the Stave Lake Historic Pumphouse or the Xa:ytem First Nation Historic Site. You can also dine at a local pub or a fine dining restaurant and order their bestsellers. If you are feeling a little more rugged, you can eat from a fast food outlet or have a picnic. Visit one of the local attractions in the city like the corn maze, pony rides, animal petting barns, mini golf and adventure play parks.

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