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Duck Lake, Saskatchewan

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Located at the centre of an area with great historical importance, the town of Duck Lake features light standards, storefronts and streets that are reminiscent of the earlier times. Their heritage buildings also echo the past. There are 12 large murals in the area that show the historical events of the community. A few short drive away are the sites of the Battles of Batoche, Fish Creek and Duck Lake.

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Duck Lake offers access to recreational facilities like playgrounds, ball diamonds, and skating and curling rinks. The surrounding lakes, rivers and forest allow you to fish and hunt. Another interesting thing that you might like while you are in Duck Lake is smoking medical marijuana. The city is catered by lots of online weed dispensaries like Low Price Bud. While you take in all the beauty of Duck Lake, smoke weed to get relaxed while reaping its other health benefits.

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One of the most known uses of medical cannabis is for people undergoing chemotherapy. Cancer patients going through this procedure usually suffer from pains, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, which can further lead to health complications. Marijuana can help reduce the severity of these side effects. In fact, cannabinoid drugs are available for the same purposes.

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With such an interesting name for a town, anyone who is new to Duck Lake is bound to be curious on where it got its name. Back then, the First Nations People called what is known today as the Duck Lake “See Seep SaKayegan.” It is believed that this small body of water got is modern name because of the multitude of ducks that migrate in the area during spring and fall. A community rich in history, it has wide streets and brick sidewalks, with outdoor murals that depict the historical events of the town.

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