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What is sativa weed? You might know it as sativa cannabis, sativa marijuana, or even sativa flower. Sativa is one of the main types of cannabis along with indica and hybrid. Compared to its neighbors, it’s more uplifting and energizing and sativa strains are often used to induce creativity, motivation, and happiness.

You can buy sativa marijuana strains online in Canada. While every strain is different when it comes to potency, flavor, and effects, you can rely on sativa strains to deliver a range of positive effects and medical benefits.

Effects of Sativa Weed Strains

The effects of sativa cannabis strains are uplifting, motivating, and invigorating. People often use sativa strains as wake-and-bake strains to give them a burst of energy and optimism first thing in the morning. Sativa weed can also be used to induce creative energy, making it great for artists and musicians. It can also enhance social situations by making you more talkative and giggly.

Medical Benefits of Sativa Weed Strains

Sativa strains are also good for medical marijuana users. The mentally uplifting and motivating effects of sativa marijuana can help counteract symptoms of chronic stress, depression, and anxiety. It can also help with issues such as chronic fatigue or lack of appetite. The mildly soothing physical effects of sativa strains can also help with pain, inflammation, headaches, and similar issues.

Sativa vs. Indica Flower

Is sativa flower better than indica flower? Sativa weed generally delivers a more mentally-focused and uplifting high, making it excellent for morning or daytime use. It’s also preferable for social situations or for taking on creative tasks. Indica strains deliver a heavy, body-focused high, making them preferable for inducing relaxation, relieving pain, and helping you sleep at night.

Sativa vs. Hybrid Flower

You can also consider hybrid strains instead of indica or sativa strains. Hybrid marijuana is created by combining indica and sativa strains, resulting in weed that possesses properties of both. Sativa-dominant hybrid strains are ideal if you want a mentally invigorating high along with soothing physical effects, but you can also try balanced hybrids or indica-dominant hybrids if you’re looking for something different.

How To Use Sativa Cannabis

  • Smoking Sativa Cannabis in a Joint: Smoking sativa weed in a joint is a good option if you want simplicity or want to smoke with friends. Just grind your weed, roll it into a joint, and enjoy the fast-acting effects.
  • Smoking Sativa Cannabis in a Bowl: You can also add buds of your sativa weed to the bowl of a pipe, bong, or another smoking device. This allows for quick and convenient smoking with potent effects.
  • Vaping Sativa Cannabis: Vaping sativa cannabis is another excellent option – this can bring out the potency and flavor of your sativa weed. Simply add some ground sativa flower to the chamber of a dry herb vaporizer or vape pen and enjoy the sativa vapor.

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