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High Octane Strain: Reviewing The One Of The Hardest Hitting Indicas

High Octane Strain: The Top Notch Knockout Indica That Will Change Your Life

High Octane Strain, also known as High Octane or High Octane Kush, is one of the hardest-hitting indicas you can buy online in Canada today. And for that, it has won several awards in addition to the hearts of many stoners who swear by its heavy, sedating effects. 

In this article, we tell you all that there is to know about this special strain and where you can find it at the best prices.

Going by its effects and lineage, High Octane strain is a top-tier bud, with many consumers saying that it can take out even the heaviest of smokers. But what is this strain, and is it worth a try?

What Is High Octane Strain?Top of High Octane Strain cannabis plant. weed online canada. order cannabis online. buy weed online.

High Octane is a 100% indica strain known for its intense high and super heavy aroma. Many stoners liken this strain to the legendary OG Kush, with some arguing that it’s just a phenotype of the classic strain but with a heavy diesel aroma.

They are not all wrong. High Octane OG strain was created through a cross between Chemdawg, Hindu Kush and Lemon Thai strains.

The origins of Chemdawg are unknown, but the strain has a cult-like following due to its mind-blowing cerebral effects.

High Octane’s other parent Lemon Thai, is a 60:40 indica leaning strain popular among recreational cannabis users due to its energizing and uplifting high. Lemon Thai is a cross between a Thai Sativa and a Hawaiian strain.

The third parent, Hindu Kush, is one of the original landrace strains. It is a potent pure indica indigenous to the Hindu Kush mountains.

High Octane strain takes all the best characteristics of its parent and forms a better, more potent strain.

So why is it linked to OG Kush? Both strains share some effects, although OG Kush is only 45% indica, whereas High Octane is a pure indica strain. But effects are not the only thing they have in common. They are also descendants of the same strains.

As mentioned before, High Octane OG is a three-way cross between Chemdawg, Lemon Thai and Hindu Kush. While OG Kush’s origin is not very clear, the consensus is that it was created when a weed strain from Northern California was supposedly crossed with … you guessed it, Lemon Thai, Chemdawg and Hindu Kush.

OG Kush and High Octane also share some physical characteristics, including the small dense nugs and complex aromas with fuel notes. OG Kush’s unnamed fourth parent may be the cause of differences between the two. 

High Octane OG has managed to create a name and separate itself from its more popular relative. It’s not clear why it is named High Octane. It’s probably something to do with the intense diesel-like aroma. Although diesel doesn’t have octane numbers, fuel does, and this strain complex aroma is filled with notes of it.

High Octane Strain Information And Review

AppearanceHigh Octane Strain buds from low price bud online dispensary and mail order marijuana weed shop in Canada. buy weed online.

As is typical with indicas, this strain has smaller popcorn-shaped but dense nugs. They have a light green colour and are covered with a thick blanket of frosty white trichomes, indicating this bud’s well-known potent effects.

Purple and green tips poke out of the white frost, with sparse orange hairs completing the look. The buds are very sticky and dense, so it may take extra effort to break them down especially using your fingers. 

High Octane Strain AromaPhoto of fruits that make up the High Octane Strain Aroma. Buy weed online.

High Octane is known for its heavy complex aroma profile. This strain’s aroma is super dank and pungent with deep spicy herby and earthy notes. You will also notice sour citrus and spicy notes. 

High Octane Indica Flavour

This strain has the classic pungent, sour lemon flavour accented by spicy pine and citrusy scent notes. You may notice gas and heavy, spicy herbal flavours on the exhale. 

Its smoke is heavy and gassy and may irritate your lungs, causing intense coughing. High Octane OG has similar flavours as OG Kush but has a more dominant intense diesel-like aroma.

High Octane Strain Effectsadult woman enjoying the effects of smoking High Octane Strain weed from mail order weed shop low price bud. buy weed online.

This strain is a pure indica with super high THC levels. You can already guess how the effects will be. Initially, this strain causes a burst of energy to the head as potent THC enters the system. A few tokes in, and you will feel a wave of laziness wash throughout your body, creeping up. Before you know it, you are completely relaxed and pain-free.

The initial head rush settles into a heavy weighted stoned feeling that will have you looking for the couch or somewhere to lay down. That’s when the creeping lazy wave completely takes over, leaving you couch-locked and sedated, unable to get up or move.

High Octane is famous for its quick onset of laziness and sleepiness. We recommend using it when you have nothing else to do, such as unwinding after a long day. This strain will cause intense couch-lock, so line up activities that don’t require much from the user.

Also, ensure you have your snacks and drinks nearby. This strain causes intense munchies. And with the couch-lock, it will be a struggle getting up to get some.

High Octane Medical BenefitsDoctor discussing the medical benefits of cannabis canada. buy online weeds. best online dispensary canada. mail order marijuana.

This strain’s high THC potency and pure indica genetics may prove valuable to people looking to relieve some common symptoms. Its THC levels that can go up to 26% give it an edge in improving conditions such as chronic pain.

Its heavy relaxing effects make it an excellent strain for managing muscle spasms, cramps and aches. This means it’s the best option to use after a day full of physical activities such as after a hike or intense evening gym session.

High Octane strain’s quick onset of laziness and sleepiness may come in handy when dealing with insomnia and other sleep problems. This strain is heavily sedating, and consumers tend to fall asleep faster and for longer.

Consumers also report that the relaxing and calming effects and the mild high helps lower anxiety, stress and lift your mood before the physical effects kick in. High Octane also causes intense munchies meaning it may help if you are trying to bring back your appetite. It can also help deal with nausea.

High Octane also causes mild side effects, including dry mouth and red eyes, but these are common in almost every weed strain you can get.

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Is High Octane OG Worth Trying?

Yes. This strain is worth every cent. It’s beautiful to look at and has potent, relaxing effects. High Octane is definitely a knockout strain with the ability to take out even the most experienced smokers.

High Octane is a pure indica, and the heavily sedating effects prove it. If you are looking to experience these effects, order this weed strain online from LowPriceBud.

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