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A Review Of The Platinum Bubba Strain: A Charming Creeper

Proof That Platinum Bubba Strain Should Be Top Of Your List When Buying Weed Online

 Platinum Bubba has earned an almost cult following of avid cannabis users who swear by the strain. 

A remarkably strong hybrid, the Platinum Bubba strain’s parentage is Platinum OG Kush and Bubba Kush. 

However, at that point, the mystery of this strain deepens. The breeders of the Platinum Bubba Kush strain are unknown.

Most believe that Bubba Platinum emerged from Amsterdam, but that’s just a rumour

History of Platinum Bubba Platinum Bubba Strain cannabis plant photo. buy online weeds. best online dispensary canada. mail order marijuana.

In 2012, Platinum Bubba Kush hit the weed scene in Denver like a bomb going off. It quickly became the ‘must have’ strain. It was so in-demand that consumers struggled to find a dispensary with nugs. 

Fast forward to today, and you’ll probably be surprised to learn that the Platinum Bubba strain remains every bit as popular worldwide. Luckily, now it’s much easier to purchase throughout the United States and Canada. 

The Platinum Bubba OG Strain has now commanded its spot as a respected true classic and must-have weed strain. 

Platinum Bubba Kush Strain ReviewPhoto of Platinum Bubba weed buds from Low Price Bud online dispensary in Canada to buy weed online.

When you first lay eyes on a bud of Platinum Bubba, you’ll probably be impressed. 

It sports a lovely emerald, green hue with tinges of purple combined with glistening layers of trichomes and bright orange pistils. The leaves are often silver tinted and lightly sugared. 

If you have ever envisioned the perfect bud in your dreams, then Platinum Bubba fits the bill. Its appearance is what dreams are made of for cannabis aficionados.  The buds are remarkably fluffy and lightweight. 

At first glance, you might mistake Platinum Bubba Kush for Silver Mist because the similarities between the two strains are remarkable. However,  on closer inspection, you’ll see that the buds are actually a brighter hue. 

Platinum Bubba Strain Effects Woman chilling at home with eyes closed after buying weed online from the best online dispensary in Canada.

The Platinum strain has a reputation for being a creeper. After a toke or two, you won’t immediately feel the impact. The effects slowly creep up on you. 

However, once they are in full swing, you’ll experience clouds of euphoria coupled with full-body relaxation. 

You’ll probably want to lounge back in a recliner or curl up on the couch. Don’t be surprised if you fall asleep after enjoying the indica-dominant hybrid.  

Although Platinum Bubba helps put you to sleep, many users also report a spike in their mental creativity. 

You’ll find yourself thinking deeply about projects and making plans or dreams for future endeavours as you float along on the PBK high. 

After the waves of the high hit you, don’t be surprised if you feel like mustering enough energy to pull yourself off the couch to search for food. 

This strain definitely leaves most users feeling hungry with a bad case of the munchies. 

Platinum Bubba Strain Medical Benefits Platinum Bubba Strain Medical Benefits. Platinum Bubba Strain Review.

The medical marijuana community has embraced Platinum Bubba with full gusto because it truly does help pain sufferers forget about their discomfort and attain a good night’s sleep. 

Depression sufferers feel uplifted. The stressers of the day just float away and you’re better able to cope with mental hardships. You’ll feel like laughing and joking as a lighthearted air washes over you. 

Platinum Bubba THC Content

The THC level in Platinum Bubba can easily reach 25% which makes it a high potency strain. Newbie users should remember that the strain is a creeper so start out slow and wait for the hit. Usually, it only takes a small amount to enjoy long-lasting effects. 

The Smell ice-cream, chocolate, and fruit in a snack bowl. order weed online. mail order weed. online weed dispensary. buy weed online.

The smell of the Platinum Bubba strain is a delightful blend of herbs and deep citrus notes with a zesty spin. You might also detect a minty aroma. 

When you inhale deeply you pick up the earthy OG coupled with a hint of vanilla and chocolate.  

If you love the smell of coffee or tobacco, then the odds are good that you’re going to fall in love with this strain. 


The flavour has a strong earthy taste which denotes the strain’s Kush lineage. You’ll also notice black pepper and spice. The hits are smooth. 

Sweet lovers will pick up on a touch of chocolate. Many also report tasting a bit of clove, especially when they exhale.

Cultivation of Platinum Bubba Strain

The platinum strain is remarkably hardy. It has shown resistance to mould and pests which makes it a great option for first-time growers. 

The plant starts to flower at nine weeks when grown indoors. If you plant outdoors in Canada, then the strain will flower in October. 

It produces an above-average yield which makes it a fulfilling strain to grow. 

Flowering occurs in 56 to 63 days and harvest usually takes place in 72 days.  

Normally, you can expect to harvest one to two ounces when cultivated indoors. 

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile for Platinum Bubba Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile concept image. weed online canada. order cannabis online. buy weed online.

The cannabinoid and terpene  levels found in Platinum Bubba strain are as follows according to Ask Growers

  • CBD 0.57-1.02%
  • CBC 0.1-1.46%
  • CBG 01- 1.97%
  • CBN 0.32-0.28%
  • THC 0.4201.85%


  • Pinene 0.27%
  • Bisabol 0.27%
  • Ocimene 0.23%
  • Phellandrene 0.23%
  • Total Terpene content 1%

Frequently Asked Questions About Platinum Bubba StrainFrequently Asked Questions About Platinum Bubba Strain

Below we will explore and answer the most frequently asked questions about the Platinum Bubba strain:

What strains make Platinum Bubba?

We know that Platinum Bubba Kush was created by a cross between OG Kush and Bubba Kush.  With this strain, the Kush genetics are strong which accounts for its popularity. 

However, no one knows who the original breeder of Platinum Bubba was.  Most people think that the strain came out of Amsterdam initially.  

Is Platinum Bubba Strain top shelf?  

 Yes, Platinum Bubba is considered a top-shelf strain due to its high THC content and the consumer demand for the strain. 

It is also easy to grow which makes it a popular cash crop for growers seeking to turn out a quality product while still making money. 

Also, buyers like the appearance of Platinum Bubba because it has the classic look of quality bud due to the abundant crystals, orange hairs, deep colourations, and more. 

What is the strongest Bubba strain?

Purple Bubba Strain is the strongest of the Bubba strains followed by Platinum Bubba. Both have a powerful sedative effect that denotes the strain’s indica heritage.  Users enjoy a full-body high, feelings of happiness, and hunger. 

What is Purple Platinum?

Purple Platinum is also referred to as Platinum Bubba. The strain is a strong indica that was obtained by crossing Kush strains. It offers a relaxing effect with a great deal of euphoria. 

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