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5 Ways to Treat Major Depressive Disorder with Cannabis

Depression is a debilitating disorder. If you or someone you know has ever suffered from a depressive disorder, you know it has the ability to detrimentally impact one’s quality of life. Cannabis researchers and professionals have acknowledged for years that cannabis can be used effectively to treat patients with depression.

Regardless of the specific mood disorder, many of the natural treatments are similar. Here are five ways to treat depression with cannabis products and medical marijuana in Canada.

1.  Be Active

Exercise is not only good for our bodies but also our mental health. Being active releases endorphins. These joyful chemicals can rewire our brains with regular exercise.

Perhaps you struggle recovering, though, or dislike exercise? A wake and bake strain could help give you that extra push to work out. Or if you struggle with recovery, then CBD-based products could help with that too. Just take a look at the research that links exercise and cannabis.

2.  Eat Healthy

Unfortunately, depression can’t be fixed through a special diet. However, sufferers of depression often overeat or undereat. What medical professionals seem to agree on is that a healthy diet can help ease depression.

If you need a little appetite stimulation, then cannabis can help. Just try to avoid late-night junk food binges! There is also science that suggests marijuana could help with weight loss. Whatever your food goals, you can be assured one of the hundreds of chemical properties in cannabis can help.

3.  Rest

Ample amounts of sleep is healthy for our bodies and minds. If you’re sleep starved, chances are that something is unhealthy in your lifestyle. Cannabis has helped countless people achieve a restful night’s sleep.

Too little sleep can make depression worse. Try a cannabis product that is heavy in CBD content. This chemical compound is known for its sleep-inducing properties.

4.  Take Power in Positivity

Is laughter a cure for cancer? Some researchers believe it can help just about any ailment. Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of how our thoughts have an impact on our health. If it’s good enough to cure cancer, then no doubt it can be helpful for depressive disorders too.

Pop culture has cemented into our minds the stoner cliche in movies: the giggly, positive character who always seems to be having a good time. Find a social cannabis strain, get together with friends, and have a laugh. Or have a night in alone and watch a funny movie.

5.  Cannabis is Medicine

One of the reasons medical marijuana in Canada has been so embraced is that it has fewer side effects than pharmaceutical drugs. As drug crises rise around the world, governments are looking to place controls on addictive medications.

Cannabis is natural, non-addictive, and proven to be an aid for sufferers of depression. It’s an easy choice if you want to improve your mood in the way that’s least harmful to your body.

Medical Marijuana in Canada to the Rescue

Unfortunately, due to stigma and legislation, not every nation has medical marijuana as a viable option. Thankfully, though, Canadians are able to access cannabis more readily, to treat myriad medical conditions. If you suffer from depression or another mood disorder, then cannabis is a worthy remedy.

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