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5 Extreme Edibles in Canada

5 Extreme Edibles in Canada

Whether you’re looking for a mellow buzz to progress through a productive day or to enter a new euphoric realm for the next few hours, edibles can be a great way to go. Strong edibles in Canada have become much more popular in recent years and now boast a wide variety of styles, flavours, and strengths.

Low Price Bud retails some of the best edibles on the market —and also some of the most extreme.

How to Dose Strong Edibles in Canada

There can be a fine line between the mellow and the extreme, and this depends solely on the individual. However, if you’re looking for a THC guideline to inspire confidence in your dosage decision making, allow us to help.

  • 5mg THC: Ideal for first time consumers or microdosers
  • 5-15mg THC: A safe space for the regular recreational user
  • 25-50mg THC: For the high-tolerance consumer, both recreational and medical
  • 50mg+ THC: High-tolerance, experienced users and patients with serious medical conditions

The Strongest Five

1.   Chocolate Rosin Brownies (300mg THC) by Royalty Rosin

For all the chocolate brownie lovers out there, these delicious, bite-size brownies pack a real punch. Not for the faint of heart, these brownies contain 150mg of THC per square. The Royalty Rosin brownies are a big hit and a divine treat rolled into one.

2.   The Green Samurai Gummies (300mg THC)

The Samurai practice self-discipline, self-sacrifice, obedience, skill, and honor and bravery—all vital traits you will need to partake in The Green Samurai’s 300mg THC gummy, one sugar-coated gummy cube in either cherry or strawberry-lemonade flavour. You will need to harness your inner warrior to tackle one of these heavy-dosed delights.

3.   High Dose (1000mg THC)

Self-titled ‘High Dose’ and for very good reason, this gummy was inspired by the laid-back lifestyles of West Coast surfers, skaters, and dreamers, High Dose gummies will not disappoint. Packing just one uniquely shaped 1000mg THC gummy meant for good times and good vibes either solo or with friends, High Dose comes in a large variety of flavours to cater to every individual.

4. Laughing Monkey Extreme Edible (1000mg THC)

Powerful, potent, and phenomenal,. Laughing Monkey Extreme Edible is to be approached with extreme caution. With over 15 years experience in the industry, Laughing Monkey uses all natural flavours and top-of-the-line ingredients to create one all-around fantastic experience.

5. High Dose (1500mg THC)

High Dose is back, with an even higher dosage—same unique shape, same West Coast vibes, and extra THC. Again, with a large variety of flavours to cater for all, High Dose is guaranteed good times. Just make sure you cancel your plans for the day.

Big Doses to Transform Your Day

Whether you’re new to edibles or an experienced user, for recreational or medicinal use, Low Price Bud offers some of the best edibles in Canada. Regardless of how your day is looking, these exciting edibles will transform your day for the better. Approach with caution and enjoy!

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