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Bud Size: Small

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 80% Sativa / 20% Indica

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Euphoria 19%
Happy 22%
Energizing 26%
Uplifting 21%

May Relieve

Headache 12%
Loss of Appetite 22%
Stress 23%
Chronic Pain 25%
Depression 21%
Bipolar Disorder 15%
Fatigue 24%


Earthy 12%
Sweet 15%
Berry 38%
Earthy 12%

Strawberries & Cream cannabis is a well-balanced hybrid with a Strawberry mother and Cookies and Cream father. It’s aromatically fruity, berry-filled, and intensely sweet. People report it’s great for stress relief, creativity, and happiness. In the words of one expert, Strawberries and Cream is “mouth-wateringly delicious.


Quarter Pound (112 grams), Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarter (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams)


  1. Lookin4Quality (verified owner)

    Tastiest weed ever. Lives up to the name exactly what it smells and taste like. Nice big 4+ gram buds mixed with 2 gram buds. Sativa effects are on point this is for any sativa lover. Nice uplifting high, a must try.

  2. ROAD WARRIOR (verified owner)

    Hey Sativa lovers
    What a NICE strain.
    The bag appeal is nice looking.
    Once you open the bag you get a pleasant smell of Strawberries.
    The size of the buds vary.
    Amazing quick high and LONG lasting.
    The taste is so smooth on the inhale and
    On the exhale you get a nice light taste of Strawberries.
    A great DEAL.
    THANK YOU LPB Team for More Sativa Choices.

  3. Celine Morales

    First thing is the incredible aromatics of this great bud, it definitely lives up to the name. Great high everything is as described….hands down great choice

  4. OntarioAuthorized (verified owner)

    Certainly packs a punch, more on the Indica side for this one, locked me in. Great taste and fruity smell. The crystals are insane and leaves particles on your fingers. Def Ordering an Oz of this again

  5. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Great Sativa!!!
    A little sticky, nice crystals, smells fantastic!! smokes nice, smooth, and good taste. Good stone, last pretty long. Would definatley buy again!!

  6. Jason Grove (verified owner)

    Perfect wake and bake with a coffee excellent way to start your day! was tasty burnt clean and a cerebral high!

  7. Da fin (verified owner)

    4.5 for sure. A first timer on this site.and I must say this was the bomb,tastes great smells great.
    The only bad thing was
    It was more of an indica then I expected.
    I am a harsh critic and this is gold star 2 me.

  8. LVK16 (verified owner)

    Smell of this pheno is out of this world! Super sweet, fruity, intoxicating something, its really hard to put a finger on it but it’s incredibly unique. Taste is also great so you shouldnt be disappointed. My only issue were the buds themselves, popcorn / bottom of the bag type runts. Would absolutely buy again assuming this was a one-off issue.

  9. Da fin (verified owner)

    ordered the strawberry🍓 cream again.DID NOT let me down.4.5 again

  10. Kenny Yetman (verified owner)

    Just had a zip dropped off by the friendly neighborhood mailman and it’s 11am. Fired up and had a coffee and BOOM! It’s now 11:44 and I am ready to go. Amazing strain with incredible aromas and tantalizing effects. Gets a 4.7 from me.

  11. David Bédard dulac

    Amazing great taste when you make 1 hit you can’t stop you need more

  12. Chris Brown

    im not normally a fan of sativas but this one is something truly unique it smells and tastes exactly like the name suggests and the high was phenomenal my only problem with this is that for a AAAA the buds were quite small almost popcorn bud small

  13. BTrain (verified owner)

    Flavourful sativa effects with this one! Not as hard hitting as I expected considering the THC content range but still an overall enjoyable time.

  14. popcanc1 (verified owner)

    Amazing man , vapes great , my only knock is I dont feel the strawberrryness of it , reminds me of a strain called Thai Kush

  15. AbnormalApple

    solid strain
    the poptart smell was intense and loved it, the newest batch was more on the strawberry side than the cream side like last time.

  16. KingMagaw (verified owner)

    Nice Sativa strain. Lovely flavour. Small to medium nugs i got, very happy with the quality.

  17. hacketyapps (verified owner)

    Smells absolutely amazing!! really smells like strawberries and cream wow! The buds are mostly medium – big sized. Could be more potent but all-in-all great purchase!

  18. Dabotanist (verified owner)

    This is good weed. No doubt about it. Taste really creamy. You’ll not be disappointed with this…. nice job LPB

  19. cowboy777068

    Very tasty and smooth.

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