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Purple Drank Breath will be sure to be one of our most sought-after strains to date. This flavour packed flower is just leaking terps. This wonderful creation was bred by the expert breeders at Thug Pug Genetics. They took the Cali. Famous Mendo Breath and crossed it with the always delicious Purple Punch.

1 gram, Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarter (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams)


  1. Bigshotjuann

    Prime exotic. Anything crossed with purple punch is going to taste like candy (rooting from GDP X). Packing a nice punch from the OG crosses within. This smoke is proper. A connoisseurs choice.

  2. Rob P (verified owner)

    Dense medium sized buds covered in crystal. Unbelievable structure viewed under a magnifying glass. Extremely tasty when vaped with a high grade kick to match. Terp monster! Highly recommended!

  3. Chris Brown

    would love to get my hands on a few oz of the keif from this beast my buddy just got some and gave me a few gs of this bud its flavour is unreal

  4. Matthew Garcia

    This purple drank breath is crazy tasty! Would highly recommend this for connoisseurs!🔥

  5. Niloc74 (verified owner)

    Good taste and burns well, dam near half of my bag was 5-10mm chunks. I expect better when buying top shelf (AAAA).

  6. HalifaxQuadhunter (verified owner)

    Bomb exotic weed that’s picture perfect, tastes like sweet sour grape candy. Only complaint is the buds are really small.

  7. Jason Grove (verified owner)

    This stuff is awsome not much smell till you bust a bud open but the taste and high are amazing with one of the most grey ashes I’ve seen in a while! Thanks Again LPB you guys are the best MOM hands down!

  8. OntarioAuthorized (verified owner)

    10/10 craft

  9. Jackie Cacciottolo (verified owner)

    Great taste great high

  10. PoopyBhum (verified owner)

    Nice heavy hitter, tastes amazing

  11. LVK16 (verified owner)

    Bag appeal is terrific, wonderful colors and trichome coverage. Smell is cakey, like an ice cream cake pasty dessert with fruit, with the latter leaning on grape kool aid with taste to match. Excellent effects. Very happy with this batch.

  12. Tim Beers (verified owner)

    Beautiful Stuff! Small buds but the quality made up for it!

  13. Budster (verified owner)

    Very nice caked buds all though just small buds but has nice potency good taste and smell and burns clean

  14. Phissx (verified owner)

    As the Once great Inspector Gadget said…”Wowzers” This strain is Incredibly yummy. The Pictures were the first thing that I made a compassion to and It really is dead on. I think I may have a bit more white on my buds though.even at the full price it was worth it. The high is very uplifting With a cough locked introspection that left me wanting to be a better man Lol. So I settled for a Nap.

  15. Kedpad (verified owner)

    Seriously, it looks like it is giving the middle finger sayin “F U, if you don’t try me I will haunt you for ever and ever!” So I buy it

  16. Tim Cowell (verified owner)

    Amazing bud all round, coated in trichnomes, and beautiful smell and high

  17. Canadianmomson

    Absolutely incredible.
    Best pdb ive ever had and will be hard to beat..
    The purple patches are insane. Nose insane. Taste and effect. Insane!!!

  18. NickNuken (verified owner)

    Quarter of very nice small compact buds with purple & orange in them what else can you ask for great “exotic” weed abit harsh but overall a good interesting strain would recommend trying.

  19. LukeWoodz (verified owner)

    one of the best looking strains ive had, love the smell and flavor its like berries but there is more to that going on hard to describe, smoke so smooth like air with a strong high.

  20. Rustom S (verified owner)

    One of the most flavourful and beautiful strains I have ever smoked! Strongly recommend

  21. AbnormalApple (verified owner)

    Smelled and tasted good. candy and cake on the nose
    would recommend to all types of smokers!

  22. Key (verified owner)

    Great bag appeal and very smooth smoke. The nugs were not very big but they all looked great.

  23. smoky (verified owner)

    Amazing craft strain, cure, taste, smell all 10/10. the nose is one of the most exotic/rare smells i have smelt from a strain. highly recommend this strain.

  24. Magen

    Thank you! Five star!

  25. GreeNiNjaHashashiN (verified owner)

    The look is spot on, it has a funky blue berry cheese cake smell that transcend trough the taste, all small buds caked out covered in trichomes.

  26. papito sangria (verified owner)

    the color is amazing, its purple and black with ALOT of trichomes. it smells fruity but does not smell alot. the smoke is reallly smooh. for 230$ an oz, its worth a shot, the weed looks unreal

  27. phoenixbp (verified owner)

    Not much flavour but very strong and long lasting high, super smooth and would definitely recommend, the buds were beautiful.

    Phoenix p

  28. Silencex96 Secret (verified owner)

    Amazing Quad burns well, smokes smooth , got a nice body high from it .. for sure would recommend it

  29. Deirdre Ball (verified owner)

    Awesome high but a bit dry and small nugs for a AAAA I expected better.

  30. blueBT (verified owner)

    Exotic premium cannabis. great day or night hybrid. this batch has less cookie flavour like the first one but still amazing product. the look of this bud is unreal. recommend .

  31. blueBT (verified owner)

    premium exotic cannabis. great for day/night. this batch has less cookie flavor like the first one but still amazing product. the look of this bud is unreal. recommend .

  32. Nreviews (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff, bag appeal is even better than the pics on the site; pure purple coated in white trichomes with fiery orange hairs all over. Smells great and has a strong high too. Totally recommend this stuff, it’s amazing.

  33. Martin Bouffard (verified owner)

    one of the best looking weed i had and good potency good taste a1 would recomend to everyone i would like to have a big nug to marry her and show her to the world XD thanks

  34. Prez420 (verified owner)

    Really nice to look at. just doesnt blow me away as a AAAA should though. smell and taste arent as potent as I like in my AAAA’s. I give the high an 8. this would be a great AAA IMO.

  35. Guiltzy

    One of the nicest looking flowers I have ever smoked. Very nice nose of cheese, grape and earthiness. Very uplifting and relaxing. Great day smoke if you have a day off and as well as a nighttime high. Obvious to tell this is an exotic flower. Very fresh with a harder exterior. Absolutely COATED in crystals.

  36. AbnormalApple (verified owner)

    high bag appeal, smell and taste was nice

  37. 420Skywalker

    Absolutely Beautiful! The nugs look just like the pictures, or even better! Great wake n bake strain/ day time! Very energetic and fun high, Nothing but good vibes from this one!
    It really does have a grape punch flavor and tastes amazing! Bag appeal was off the charts, nugs were perfectly trimmed and absolutely caked in cyrstal. I actually felt bad busting it up because its such a nice bud structure! I felt like I was killing a unicorn. From the smell too the bag appeal and ultimately the high, you can’t get much better than this!
    Hats off too the great folks at LPB for, yet another, banger!

  38. KingMagaw (verified owner)

    Very happy with these big buds, drenched in THC. One of my favs this year.

  39. AG420 (verified owner)

    DA BOMB. It really doesn’t get much better than this. I know from experience.

  40. Diabonin (verified owner)

    If you want something special, you have found it.

  41. Codykeyman (verified owner)

    PDB is always super consistent in quality. I’ve tried a few different batches of this strain and the bag appeal is insane every time.

  42. 420Skywalker

    I’ve ordered this 2 or 3 times and just stellar every time!
    Gorgeous buds. My last jag had one nug the size of a lighter!
    The taste and smell is amazing! Caked in crystal!
    I love waking and baking with this one!

  43. LimeZebra (verified owner)

    Very smooth smoke! An enjoyable mellow indica

  44. Pickles1484 (verified owner)

    Love this strain, grab some before I grab more.

  45. ryan0017 (verified owner)

    Beautiful frosty medium sized buds. Not much of a punch scent wise but the taste and the high were amazing! Will def buy again.

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