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3 reviews for MASERATI HASH

  1. Trevor Diabo (verified owner)

    Very nice hash, only smoked a small amount but for the price, you can’t beat LPB. The package did not smell upon arrival but as soon as I removed the tape I could smell a very strong odor, not very distinct but upon closer inspection of the products I received (well over 5 items in the box) I found that the smell was not coming from the gasleak bags or the mushrooms but the container of hash. As it turns out, the hash smells of mint. I am very impressed with the quality of the hash, I know that I can rely on LPB for all my thc needs. It’s sticky, fairly dense, dark and looks unbreakable but crumbles without much effort.

  2. OntarioAuthorized (verified owner)

    Odd smell, good texture & medium high . Not a huge fan but reminds me of early 2008’s hash.

  3. Brad (verified owner)

    Well since my orignal review was never posted here is another because i would really like to protect people from the extreme dissapointment of this terrible hash. Worst hash ive ever tasted and had the less buzz of any hash ive ever had. The taste is so bad omg almost like tabacco mixed with old dirty pipe resin. Just don’t buy, not sure why they would sell such a bad product on here amongst all the good quality products.

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Buy MASERATI HASH online Canada
Buy MASERATI HASH online Canada
Buy MASERATI HASH online Canada
Buy MASERATI HASH online Canada

Best Quality Cannabis in Canada

From beautiful flowers to a concentrated hash, buying weed online gives you the selection you’ve always dreamed about, at prices you can afford.

The Ancient Tradition of Hash

Hash is one of the oldest forms of concentrate, from the ancient traditions of India, Morocco, and Turkey. It has strong recreational and medicinal properties.

Reap the Benefits of Powerful Hash

Looking for pain relief? Try hash. With concentrations hitting upwards of 50 to 60 percent THC, hash is a powerful tool for medicinal applications.

Cannabis Online Dispensary in Canada

Dispensaries in Canada are about more than the world’s best bud. Online cannabis stores like Low Price Bud sell all types of concentrates, including hash, isolates, shatter, and more.

Mail Order Hash, for Therapeutic Benefit

The benefits or hash mirror those of the strain they’ve been made from. Often high in THC, hash, and other concentrates target chronic disease and challenging illnesses.

Why Shop Hash Online?

The selection of hash online is above and beyond what you could find at your local cannabis dispensary – if you can find hash at all. Shop Canada’s best hash only with Low Price Bud.
Buy MASERATI HASH online Canada
Buy MASERATI HASH online Canada
Buy MASERATI HASH online Canada
Buy MASERATI HASH online Canada

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