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Indica Dominant Hybrid

*MAC 10 is a RARE strain by Gasleak!


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Euphoria 63%
Happy 34%
Relaxing 43%
Sleepy 45%
Energizing 15%

May Relieve

Stress 50%
Chronic Pain 39%
Insomnia 26%
Depression 53%


Diesel 42%
Gassy 54%
Potent 60%
Earthy 33%
Earthy 33%
Herbal 25%

MAC 10 by InHouse Genetix is a monstrous hybrid strain from Los Angeles that is taking over global dispensaries by storm. Originally bred by Capulator as a cross between an F2 Miracle Alien Cookies, an unknown Columbian landrace and Starfighter, MAC (or Miracle Alien Cookies) has easily become one of the most popular strains of 2019 thus far. This dank, heavy-hitting hybrid flower boasts a staggering 32% THC concentration and will knock out even the heaviest tokers. This indica-leaning strain is relaxing, therapeutic and very psychedelic in nature. Prepare for a trip to space with this one, as the high of MAC 10 is a cerebral, uplifting high that will have you forgetting all of your worries. When you get up close and personal with MAC 10, you will be stunned – the bag appeal on MAC 10 is tremendous and cannot be put into words. Fluorescent green buds hide light purple hues and are completely blanketed by a thick, resinous layer of THC trichomes. The terpene profile of MAC 10 by InHouse Genetix is described as being creamy, earthy and sweet, with heavy undertones of a diesel-like gas.


Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarter (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams)

13 reviews for MAC 10 (AAAA) BY GASLEAK

  1. CamRon (verified owner)


  2. Calvin (verified owner)

    Beautiful tasting , smelling , and looking. Has a nice kick too

  3. Daniel Koziara (verified owner)

    Smells good, looks good, tastes good and got me lifted real nice. Overall great value.

  4. Urban_Cj547 (verified owner)

    This strain is as rare as they say. The flavours and smell are like old School Coffee Chronic. Smooth and amazing. The nugs are perfectly trimmed.

  5. Justin77 (verified owner)

    The bag appeal on this is amazing. Top 5 most beautiful buds i ever had. I give this a solid 10/10. If you truly love bud this MAC 10 RARE GASLEAK is def worth getting. MAC 10 is hitting 10s in all areas: beautiful, skunky gas aroma. Potency 10. Bag appeal/cure/appearance: perfect 10. Sticky and dank. Not dry at all with integra boost moisture control. Smoke: very smooth skunky gas. Nice white ash. 10/10 all the way. Packaging: 10 i really like the way the package is sealed and professionally handled. Great free papers as a gift, i appreciate. I’d like to give a shoutout to all the staff at LPB for providing such an amazing menu and the care and respect to all those who work on this – I want to thank you all.

  6. Big C (verified owner)

    Very sticky, dense solid, and tasty nugs!! Very nice and covered in trichomes, and damn great smoke. Recommend for anyone wanting some great smoke!!!!! And to fly to thw clouds!10/10

  7. HOOLIGANS (verified owner)

    Coping more, this is insane stuff with a BIG lasting kick. Probably beating Tyson almost, but by looks it’s 100% killer best bud in a LONG time.

  8. Lookin4Quality (verified owner)

    10/10 overall. Love the smoke and taste on this one. Very smooth I agree with others this is not over hyped at all. Perfect cure and texture to these dense nugs that are covered! in trichomes. Nice strong high, highly recommend this one to somebody that wants to treat themselves. Not a knock you out go to sleep high go with a pink if you’re after that. This is still a potent lasting high though that left me with a nice smoking experience. Enjoying my oz.

  9. Tim Beers (verified owner)

    Very kind, dense buds, as GasLeak always provides. Every single bud in the Oz had beautiful bag appeal. Fantastic flavour, nice smoke, great buzz. I felt, oddly, creative & clear headed after smoking.
    I would point out that there are better GasLeak strains out there, but left very little room for disappointment! Too sticky for a hand grinder – was my only issue. Great buy here, my friends!

  10. OntarioAuthorized (verified owner)

    bag appeal is insane. Cerebral high

  11. calhooner3 (verified owner)

    This strain was absolutely insane. Hands down the best weed i’ve ever smoked for under 200 an oz. Great bag appeal, clean burn, and an awesome high. What more could you ask for?

  12. Jason Grove (verified owner)

    Love mac-10 and Gasleaks version definitely did not disappoint!

  13. Noah M (verified owner)

    Super dense buds that are covered in kief, amazing high, I’m in love with this strain

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