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Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa


Earn up to 130 Points.


Euphoria 57%
Happy 30%
Hungry 32%
Relaxing 50%
Sleepy 27%
Focused 33%

May Relieve

Stress 60%
Chronic Pain 59%
Insomnia 48%
PTSD 26%
Fatigue 43%


Potent 54%
Earthy 51%
Earthy 51%
Spicy 60%
Herbal 18%

With an 80:20 indica/sativa ratio, the strain is an indica dominant hybrid with a bit of history of its own. It began its journey from Holland in the early 1980s and made its way to the United States. It has grown immensely popular and is a cross between Hash Plant strains along with Northern Lights #1, or so they say. Each nugget holds a woody, earthy aroma, which is sweet at the same time. The smell can easily be identified but is not as potent as you would expect it to be. The strain has a spicy and delicious taste to it that will most definitely send a chill down your spine, out of excitement that is. The buds are tight and are completely covered by resin along with green leaves with red hairs. After smoking the strain, you will feel exceptionally relaxed. However, do not be surprised if you feel sleepy and are locked to your couch. What is really interesting about the strain is that it has numerous medical applications at the same time. Essentially, it is used by patients suffering from insomnia. But considering its pain fighting effects it can also be used to treat chronic pains, aches and even migraines if the situation demands it.

Weight10000 g

Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarter (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (112 grams), Half pound ( 8 Oz ), Full Pound ( 16 Oz )

10 reviews for HASH PLANT (AAAA-)

  1. iliketodab (verified owner)

    Nice strong smell/ taste . Got me nice and baked

  2. Lookin4Quality (verified owner)

    Very good deal for the price to quality ratio. Would be considered a triple A+ at other places I’ve bought from. This is definitely a good buy you shouldn’t regret. Packs a nice punch very good value nice texture, no dryness, all good 👍.

  3. OntarioAuthorized

    Very good for the price. Smokes thick

  4. PrairieFire2816 (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic stuff. This has always been a favorite strain of mine but I hadn’t had it in years. My quarter had nice big, fresh, frosty buds. The smell is unique to this strain, and it’s beautifully fragrant. It smokes smooth with a nice, spicy taste and has a wonderfully euphoric high with some pretty prominent pain relieving effects. An over all fantastic strain, you won’t be disappointed.

  5. benson (verified owner)

    The smoke was good. It was relaxing and chill, not intense. I wish I got bigger buds, but it’s still good!

  6. Halifaxquadhunter

    Got this as a gift and damn. So sticky and has a strong nose. Will be purchasing ! Now that’s how to get business ! Finally good free 8ths !

  7. Zachary Hiscock

    Got as a free gift today better then 2 of the 4 AAAA weeds I bought

  8. LOGfanSDMF (verified owner)

    This Hash Plant won’t disappoint! Pretty good buzz but won’t leave you couch locked, and smooth toke. Nice spicy, earthy, sweet kinda smell and not bad bag appeal. Great deal overall!

  9. thesmartease

    We got this as the free eight and boy is it good stuff! This is a dank, spicy and earthy indica, and some of the best Hash Plant buds we’ve ever smoked!

  10. Bigshotjuann

    Top presentation!

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